FABULA & TALES  - Jun 26 2020

what does your shoes say about your personality?

your shoes reflect your personality

Frank Lloyd Wright once said, speaking not of architecture but of clothes, “they are the most important.” He was right, and especially when it came to men. Until recently, shoes have been the foundation of a man’s outfit. Take a look at his shoes and you know all there is to know about him. Is it really a true statement? Well according to some Brits yes.

Here is a fun fact that I’ve recently discovered:

Wearing brown oxford shoes with a business suit is considered unacceptable amongst the British bankers. (PS: Watch out the colour of your shoes if by any chance you go to City) I can even say maybe you face a discrimination (!) : Jason Meyers, 43, whose design and construction firm counts several financial services companies among its clients : “If you’ve been to Eton or Winchester the interview is practically a formality anyway. If one candidate has been to Eton and the other to a comprehensive, the guy from Eton gets the job. If both candidates have been to Eton but one is wearing brown shoes, the other guy will get it. Of course it’s unfair, it’s bullshit. But the City will never change.”

city dress code

Is it the same with women? Until I started my shoe label, I was quite ignorant about shoes… at least everyone else’s shoes. Only now, after founding Fabula & Tales and learning amidst my exploration of the industry; I have begun noticing intrinsic details about shoes. The other day, I was chatting with a friend and made a passing comment about on shoe I encountered (which I found quite entertaining). She brought to my attention that I have becoming increasingly observant with regard to footwear. I have come to the realisation: my work has become my lifestyle (inevitably so).

While reviewing the existing literature on why we choose certain types of shoes. I have concluded, the choice of our shoes are reflect parts of about our subconscious self. Our characteristics. 

“Flat fans are behind-the-scenes leaders.”

If you end up with flats most of the time, we should be sure that you work your butt off behind the scenes. You’re perfectionist! And the best part is you’re so humble that you don’t need any flattering for your efforts. (Because you already know how impeccable you are.)
Flat-wearer is focused and generous. They’re often the ones behind the scenes making the engine run. You enjoy looking intelligent and you can’t really give up on your femininity. You’re sending sneaky subconscious messages saying that “look I am not only pretty, I am also clever!” You are motivated to make things happen, it can be inferred from your professional style of the shoe and also its ability to provide comfort and ease when walking around and sorting things out. You do quite a bit of standing and walking on the day-to-day, which is another reason why you wear these more often than heels. You see yourself both introverted and extroverted. 

This goes some way to explain the loafer’s overarching appeal: its longevity. “Timelessness has been such a big theme in recent seasons,” says Hsu. “Brands are exploring items that represent that and, much like a classic trench coat, loafers have always been part of everyday wardrobes.” This offering is new and improved – and won’t be going out of style.

Proving that you are the loafer style never out of fashion, always sorting without showing off!

Thank you for reading my first attempt at a blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and maybe I could distract you, just for a second from your busy life. Wishing you a productive week ahead! See you next time!

By Oyku Benli