The sea, with its inspiration for art and its alluring generosity,
composes the essence of the story of AZUR.
AZUR focuses on the glorification of mastership
and craftsmanship, with respect and admiration for traditional
tastes and methods while carrying its work to an artistic dimension
with an original, creative and new generation vision.
The special creation process of each detail plays
an important role in the uniqueness
of the AZUR experience.
The dream of a journey to rediscover
our history with sustainable fabrics, one of the most important
values of our artisanal heritage, represents the birth
of the FABULA & TALES brand.
FABULA & TALES embraces an artistic fashion sense encased
in timeless and simple elegance, reflecting the alluring effect of the
details engraved with the craftsmanship of the masters in every
product it designs and creates.
And so the AZUR & TALES journey begins
with the inspiring, singular and unique trend of fabrics
that add a stylised dimension, handmade through
three generations by FABULA & TALES and AZUR
coming together to blend originality
and timelessness with manual labour…