Behind The Brand

Heritage from a Mother-Daughter collaboration

We asked our co-founder Öykü how they came up with Fabula & Tales...

I have always been deeply passionate about designing and crafting clothes for my own-self from different fabrics. When I was young, I created absurd patterns using fabrics for day in and out. To this day, I represent the inspiration and drive for creativity for our brand's evolution.

My mother, Zeynep, has been attained a deep knowledge of textiles in her more than 30 years in the field. She spends much of her time surrounded by myriads of fabrics in her (still) father-led textiles factory, a place of inspiration for her. In our trio, she represents the know-how of the world of textiles.

The final and the utmost component of Fabula & Tales is my grandmother. A woman who is symbolic for a rich history of memories, experiences and a life filled with endless stories about knitting gowns back in the day. Her passion for knitting has garnered her the loving moniker, our families own "knitting mafia". This is what we aim to reflect in our pieces. Perpetually learning and evolving. She represents our history.   

Fabula & Tales, we represent three generations showcasing our artisanal heritage, rediscovering our history, mixing modern and traditional by using beautiful sustainable vintage fabrics on shoes. We are inspired by a slow fashion ethos, with each piece, ensuring careful attention to detail and minimal fabric waste to empower timeless elegance.

The question is why Fabula?

 In Latin, it means "Story", the direct translation of my name "Öykü". With our brand, we embody a story, and we want you to be a part of it. Here it goes:

"As life goes on by once upon a time…

It all begins with our unique traditions and history that became our inspiration…

As greetings used to be an important custom of our culture, the elegance of our slippers were due recognition and a must-have for first impressions.

FABULA products are designed as all-purpose shoes that can allow us to enjoy a lifestyle surpassing elegance. The final touch of our hand-made materials as velvet, linen and many more adds up with our special embroideries and brooches, finally produces our cozy FABULA shoes. Elegant. Hand-made. Bespoke. Cozy."