FABULA & TALES products are curated with care for the environment. Each of our timeless pieces are designed for our customers to buy once and cherish forever. We craft sustainable luxury for your feet with ethical procedures without compromising on our quality. To this perspective, we ensure that our manufacturing factories are strictly complying with the Code of Conduct. We employ minor synthetic fabrics, ultimately working to minimise pollution in our value chain. Our mission is to become a good example as a brand in our industry. 

Our Materials of Use

We embody in our belief to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. Thus, as a sustainable brand, material selection is a vital factor for us. The majority of our products are made from organic and recyclable fibers such as our velvets are heavily durable and made from silk, cotton and wool. We do have a small percentage of synthetic fibers in our material usage because of the fact that the value chain of the industry is still developing. Non-organic fabrics cause unimaginable environmental pollution during their production process and their disintegration takes very long time.

Our Prints

Rather than printing traditionally on fabrics, we use digital printing; which significantly employs reduced water and ink pollution. Hence, we obtain excellent quality along with crafted consciousness in our designs.

Our Waste Policy

We keep track of each stage of our production processes in order to make sure that our waste is the minimum possible. 

Beginning with the design step, we carefully measure and examine our placement print to maximise the usage use of the chosen fabric. In the same way, we place our embroideries along with prints so as they consume minimal fabric. We also use our textile’s factory’s excess fabrics in our collections in order to upcycle in our value chain and prevent them from going to waste. We simply use the made-to-order policy to prevent overproduction.

Woman Empowerment

We value the power of women in FABULA & TALES. There’s a saying in our culture “Having five skills in five fingers.” Our policy as a label is to show that women are capable of anything. We are strong, we are caring, we are dedicated, we are precious and we are capable.  All of our products are handmade, the bags are knitted by women in local areas that are in need. The first bag is sampled by our grandmother and referenced onwards.

Our Recycling Policy

For us, it is all about transformation of something we already have and creating completely new and unique products. We reuse vintage fabrics that are passed from our grandmother in some of our production to recreate our wearable heritage. Also, you can collect two or more pairs of old FABULA & TALES to be recycled and you will get 10% off a new pair. We simply want to make sure that they don’t end up in the trash. We are constantly working on minimizing our non-organic fiber usage in order to contribute to our environment.