AZUR & TALES - Mens Coral Linen Shirt

AZUR & TALES - Mens Coral Linen Shirt

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A bespoke beige linen shirt is our definitive way to create stories along the summer in style. Famously light on the feeling, linen looks delicate and inviting. This AZUR & TALES corals linen shirt is designed as half dress shirt & half polo, inviting yourself to be the perfect balance between casual and stylish.

We use 100% pure linen for absolute softness and durability.
The half-length placket features 3 buttons and is designed for a more relaxed, albeit an elegant look.


Material: 100% Linen

Color: Beige & Navy lining

Collar details: Collar embroidery


Care Instructions : Wash inside out at up to 30°. Use normal spin cycle and air dry on a flat surface. Iron at low temperature. Do not bleach or tumble.